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I’m sorry to say I didn’t get anyone gifts from Comic Con

I really wanted to and I feel bad about it but it was just not possible

Sunday I was gonna try to brave the lines one more time but I would have missed my flight and also probably forego eating for a whole day

Everyone who gave me money to try and get them things will get it back no worries

The lines for exclusives were ridiculous and even when I made it into them they ended up selling out of what I wanted

Comic Con has made me realize some big stuff

1. I need a new job that doesnt fuck my life up to where I can’t focus on the things I love. Anyone who works with convention staffing please message me.

2. I need to start upping my cosplay skill set and doing more convention networking; I did a LOT here

3. I don’t need close minded people in my life

4. I’m a pretty awesome cosplayer sometimes.